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Smart marketers understand that in order to obtain useful feeback from their customers and prospects, they have to fully engage their imaginations, senses, and emotions.

Cascade Strategies helps people with this process of engagement by the use of gamification for market research.  Gamification is the process of converting otherwise dry and straightforward survey questions into lively, fun exercises that respondents really want to participate in!

A couple of examples below will show how gamification can help you.  If at any point you want clarification or broader discussion of our gamification techniques, please feel free to call us or email us.  You can talk to Juho (pronounced “yoo-ho”), Jerry, or Matt by calling (425) 643-9789.  Or you can simply email us at cascade@cascadestrategies.com.  We’ll get back to you in short order!

Now your respondents will be enthused about answering your questions!

In the dreary old days before gamification, the question above might have been phrased as simple text without graphics, like this:

If jewelry were displayed in luxurious, expansive cases, would you
be more or less interested in the jewelry?

But now these more active, involving questions can arise naturally from the graphic environment as respondents are actually navigating that environment and having fun. This invites them into a vibrant, experiential way of answering your questions — into further areas of surprise, excitement, and rewards.

More examples of involvement, surprise, and rewards


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