Our Services

Market Research

Traditional quantitative and qualitative disciplines

  • Focus groups/depth interviews
  • Phone surveys/mall intercepts
  • Strategic concept and promise testing
  • Diagnostic research/copy testing

Non-traditional/”emerging” disciplines

(Idea: Use imaginative techniques to ferret out the emotional or deeply-rooted insight that drives the business and leads to more effective communications.)

  • Observational research
  • Ethnographic studies
  • Ideation/generative synectics sessions
  • Semiotic analytic techniques/linguistic analysis
  • Creative development in an Account Planning format
  • Facilitated team sessions for problem-solving

Syndicated Services

  • National consumer database
  • “Fulcrum,” a sophisticated and powerful form of behavioral segmentation for consumer or business-to-business marketing

Consultative Services

  • Prospecting/Client-finding Programs

Example: A database-assisted, coached relationship-building program that caused a regional advertising agency to triple their billings in a recession and receive a high national honor.

  • Turnkey Strategic Planning

Example: A thorough business plan for a consumer-goods manufacturer that caused their sales to jump 32% after three consecutive years of decline.

  • Internal Communications

Example: An internal fact-finding and team-building program that solved the key productivity problem of a communications company and got them growing again.

  • Database Marketing

Example: Complete design and implementation of a Master Customer Information File for a major regional bank holding company, with in-depth household profiles, financial scenario analysis, and detailed training for bank users of the system.

  • Ad-hoc Problem-solving

Example: Thorough analysis of a large retailer’s problem with declining average check in the stores, with both tactical recommendations and rigorous on-site program follow-up. Result: 20% same-store sales increase after two years of decline.

  • Creative Development and Analysis, Account Planning

Example: Design and implementation of comprehensive consumer communications program for another large retailer, with scanner-data posttesting to measure achievement of goals linked with custom behavioral consumer segmentation and database-assisted communications testing capability.