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Cascade Strategies incorporates ground breaking science and marketing research methodology to attract and gage your marketing research.

For a wide range of clients we are currently utilize a wide range of cutting edge scientific methods:

  • Eye Tracking
  • Biometrics
  • Neuroscience
  • Virtual Reality
  • Gamification

We are a full-service shop, offering services in study design, questionnaire preparation and testing, data collection and quality control, data processing and crosstabulation, statistical analysis and modeling, interpretive analysis and report-writing, and implementation of results.

For further information, please contact Jerry Johnson at (425) 643-9789. Or e-mail him at cascade@cascadestrategies.com.

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A highly innovative, award-winning market research and consulting firm with over 24 years’ experience in the field. Cascade provides consistent excellence in not only the traditional methodologies such as mobile surveys and focus groups, but also in cutting-edge disciplines like Predictive Analytics, Deep Learning, Neuroscience, Biometrics, Eye Tracking, Virtual Reality, and Gamification.
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