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Has big data benefited you?

Burning Questions


Sure, big data’s a buzzterm, an object of interest, and a serious discipline — all three are true.  But does dig data produce practical, understandable, common-sense wins for you and your company?  If so, tell us about those wins.  If not, tell us why you think big data doesn’t produce tangible benefits at the simple, practical level.  We’d like to hear your thoughts!

  1. Jean-Jacques Grimaud

    Hi Jerry,

    A simple example: big data is very useful to understand how your sales funnel works and analyze where you are losing prospects. You can then go to the next step and figure out the why and A/B test appropriately. This is applicable for omnichannel environments but will require a good coordination/synchronization of your data.

  2. Gina Mapanao

    Hi Jerry,

    It helped us a lot. Big data is ideal if you are using a compiled list and no usage history is recorded. Posting at least 3%-5% response rate is good enough if we are to translate it to number of contacts.

    We have an experience last year where we used about 200K contacts from our compiled databases for a travel offer and it posted about 7% response rate and wow! client has about 14,000 local and international tourists who availed of the offer the whole summer of 2014. Not bad!

    Mobile surveys is just like travel offer in the sense that target market is not too specifics. Market is broader from as young as 14 years old to more than 60 years old. Getting a small pinch from a bigger pie is fine.

    Best regards,

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