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Do voters choose candidates like breakfast cereal?

Burning Questions


In ordinary conversation people say they do.  But is there any science behind that idea?

Two professors at Texas Tech University have adapted Cascade’s BioNimbus Virtual Shopping System to “Biopolitics.”  The idea is to see if the candidates’ subtle inflections (gestures, mannerisms, etc.) can move undecided voters to their side — much the same way a promotion, a new price, a game, or a cartoon character can cause consumers to buy the product.  Using BioNimbus, they have made a remarkable discovery, summarized here.

Feel free to comment below on this interesting development in the emerging science of Biopolitics.

  1. NestorO

    I had heard about Biopolitics in college, but I thought it was about facial expressions. Is this about facial expressions? Anyway, good luck with your approach, whatever it is. Does this yield a prediction for the election? Not that I care…they’re both rotten.

  2. Alex M

    Before reading your newsletter I would have said yes anyway. Voters choose cereal better than they choose candidates! If you have some pseudo-science that supports the idea, bully for you. Our Frosted Flakes approach to choosing candidates has given us two wackos.

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