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Do Customer Satisfaction Surveys Contain Too Many Ringers?

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Some people conducting customer satisfaction surveys say they can’t get accurate information because of the dominance of “ringers” – people who are either very angry or very pleased with their experience with the brand, product, or service. This leaves out the great middle – people who’ve had an experience with the brand but don’t have extremes of feeling one way or the other. This can significantly harm the accuracy of the customer satisfaction study.

Have you had such a experience? If so, please tell us about it.

Even if you haven’t had a personal experience of this type, what’s your opinion? Do you think customer satisfaction surveys tend to be dominated by ringers? We look forward to hearing your point of view!

  1. Mike Tomlinson

    Yes! It’s a problem that only the people who are upset respond. We provide telephone-based customer service and ask people to rate our CSR’s. We hear from very angry people and have to follow up each one of these poor experiences. We’d love to hear from the “great middle” as you call it, but we seldom do.

  2. Charles N. Ellery

    In my customer satisfaction work for a mortgage servicing company, I haven’t found this to be a significant problem, as we work hard to send our surveys to a large sample of people, containing many who have had just an ordinary or “okay” experience with us. But I could see how it could be a big problem for maybe a hotel or airline.
    –Charles Ellery

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