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Are You Using Biometrics for Market Research?

Burning Questions


Whether it’s brainwaves, skin temperature and conductance, heart rate, perspiration, pupil dilation, facial muscular contraction, or something else, the various methods of measuring biometric response for market research seem to be here to stay.

Are you using any of these methods for market research?  If not, tell us you’re not (and maybe why). If you are, tell us which methods you’re using and for what purpose (e.g., ad testing?  website testing?).  Are you satisfied that you’re learning what you wanted to learn…and at a reasonable cost?  Let us know!

  1. Peter Healy, PRC

    We tried neural testing for website pages. Disappointed. The effort was costly and told us only a bit more beyond the intuitive. I’m sure biometrics will come of age, but I don’t think it’s market-ready now.

  2. indoorkat

    No…biometrics are over-hyped and over-rated. Expensive and hard to apply. We still ask people what they think of an ad, and we’re fine.

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